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Compliance Program Design - Looking Forward
In today’s global economy, significant risks are continually emerging in the online and mobile world. Companies face the dilemma of increasing online access while potentially opening their company to unknown risks that could lead to disastrous events – including security breaches, system outages, and ultimately an erosion of customers and reputation. Coupled with increased scrutiny over financial and operational controls from examiners and external auditors, the costs to operate effectively in regulated markets is skyrocketing with no end in sight.
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We focus on helping companies minimize their compliance cost while maximizing the effectiveness of their compliance departments. We provide services to identify and eliminate unnecessary controls, automate manual controls, write apps to improve compliance effectiveness, and structure documentation for effective automation. Coupled with our OptiModel software, you can optimize your compliance program and substantially increase your velocity in monitoring, analyzing, and reporting across your company.

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Risk and Controls
Risk management techniques are not new, but accelerating risks for companies of all sizes is forcing them to evaluate and manage risk deep into their operations, particularly to address exposure in information technology, regulatory compliance, and staffing levels. In addition, traditional risk management techniques can be difficult to embed across an organization, and typically require employee training with new processes to assess and monitor risk once the program is established. What’s more, different risk assessment tools are needed to address financial and operational risk, and are typically used by employees with differing skill sets.

Once a risk universe is established, it can quickly become an unwieldy, complex web of interrelated risks, processes, controls, and regulations. We can help you establish an automated, integrated compliance framework so you can shift focus from managing data to proactively managing and mitigating risk, verifying your internal control environment for assertion coverage across all processes, and implementing repeatable, automated processes that eliminate costly, manual compliance tasks and simplify analysis and reporting to examiners and external auditors.
risk response - is yours effective?
The best way to mitigate risk is eliminate it. But too often companies are bound by outdated processes, IT systems, and status-quo approaches that lead to expensive and costly mitigation controls. We can help you address these challenges.
risk tools - can you keep up?
Integrated risk management is easier said than done. As the online world drives technology deep into most business processes, a complex web of risks emerges making it difficult apply traditional mitigation techniques. We can provide the tools and services you need to successfully navigate your risk environment.
Compliance documentation moves well beyond just document narratives and control spreadsheets. It identifies who does what in your organization, your risk universe, compliance/location/risk hierarchies, test plans, and policies, among other data. In addition, transaction documents captured during control performance and testing become part of your compliance repository to meet record retention requirements and other legal requirements.

Capturing and managing this information manually is costly, error prone, and restricts you from implementing key compliance tasks cost-effectively. We can show you how to address this complexity with a straightforward, easy-to-implement solution right-sized for your business.
paying too much?
If you rely solely on spreadsheets and documents for compliance, you are paying too much and incurring hidden costs. We can show you how to integrate your existing documentation into a cost-effective compliance framework.
what will it cost to respond?
Are you prepared for enforcement actions or auditor requests? How capable are you of responding to requests a month ago or even 5 years ago? We can show you how to respond quickly, completely, and accurately.
Custom Apps
Many companies have unique processes that have the potential to be disrupted by complex regulations, and need to find ways to minimize the impact to their businesses. We can tailor apps that plug into your existing systems and integrate directly to our secure compliance platform giving you ultimate flexibility to manage risk and compliance activities across your entire company.
your app?
Have a great idea for a new app for you company? Let us show you how we can bring your idea to life using the same proven methods we use to build our own OptiModel product. Expect high quality, easy-to-use features that add value to your company.