Seeking clarity?
The Real Risk of (non) Compliance?
  • ERISA - $110, $100K, $500K
  • security breach - $100 to >$1M
  • SOX - contractor whistleblowers
  • HIPPA - $100 to >$1M
  • CFPB - over 200,000 complaints
  • lost reputation - insurmountable?
Elevate Your Compliance Program to Best in Class
Striking a balance between risk management, compliance, and cost is challenging at best. OptiModel will get you on the right path with tools that right-size for your business. Discover the freedom and effectiveness to visually define, document, schedule, analyze and monitor your entire compliance program in a fraction of the time and cost manual systems require. All with the added comfort of knowing someone is watching the fences for you through our automated subscription service. Never be caught off guard and respond instantly to events that impact your business.
OptiModel - Reduce Cost, Increase Velocity, Be Proactive, Be Assured
OptiModel gives you the tools to address all the tough questions so you can lead confidently, proactively, and quickly.

Are you comfortable reporting compliance status to the board and audit committee? How do you know your key controls are still operating effectively? Do you know the immediate impact a change in personnel has on your compliance? What about IT changes? How do you know if your key controls are being performed? How can you ensure you are not reinventing the compliance wheel? If your regulations change, how quickly can you identify the impact to your business? Do you have the necessary security to prevent unauthorized overrides to your compliance data? Do simple documentation changes become maintenance nightmares? Can you quickly analyze and report by location?

Let us show you how!
risk management
Easily assess risk at any level in your organization using both subjective and quantitative tools. Track risks to any level in your compliance framework. Use the integrated financial risk assessment app for top down risk assessements.
document management
Simplify maintainenance of all your compliance documents from a centralized, secure repository. Link documents across your compliance framework. Review and approve documents with automated workflows, with both automatic and manual revision processing.
Our innovative workflow, scheduling, and hierarchy features seamlessly integrates your entire compliance program into a single, manageable compliance database. Define once and reuse periodically, significantly reducing your costs.
internal audit
Our integrated audit tools ensure your internal auditors can perform periodic testing using both statistical and judgemental sampling methods, while recording and linking sampling data into our secure repository, with real-time deficiency and remediation reporting.
change management
With a click of the button, quickly report changes to management and auditors, for any period. Report changes to personnel, key controls, tests, and documents, and access a complete revision and audit history for any data in your compliance data repository.
Report your compliance data using industry-standard reporting formats, customized formats, and common formats including Excel and PDF. Use OptiModel's dashboard feature to quickly create informative, real-time charts with drill-down to detailed data.
Ensure you have all your key compliance assertions covered by location, process, and regulation. Get real-time, color-coded visibility into deficiencies, remediated controls, and control performance issues at any level in your compliance framwork.
your app?
Do you want to build a unique app to address a specific need in your business? We can build custom apps that integrate directly into your compliance framework. Depending on the app, we may do it for free! Contact us for more information.