New to Compliance?
Where to begin? Responding to compliance requirements can quickly expose a number of challenges – identifying the high-risk areas in your company, dealing with human resource and IT constraints, designing controls that minimize disruption to your business, and minimizing cost. On top of that, you need assurance that changes in your business or regulatory requirements won’t require you to start back at square one.

We can help. Our services include risk assessment and gap analysis, process analysis, control identification and remediation, and compliance automation with our OptiModel software.

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Head up Compliance?
If you head up compliance you understand the challenge – providing assurance your company is complying while minimizing the impact compliance tasks have on the rest of the company - with limited resources. In addition, as the breadth of regulations have expanded, compliance officers are increasingly relying on external service providers for expertise, particularly in the areas of security and risk response. And pressure is growing for companies to ensure they have the means to limit risk exposure and deal with the added complexities of multiple locations, lines of business, and international operations – driving them to take fresh looks at how they can automate compliance.

Learn how OptiModel can help your company improve its performance with automation.
Internal Audit
Internal auditors can provide significant value for companies – from risk mitigation to assurance controls are designed and operating effectively – while providing independent, objective information for the board and audit committee.

If you have an established internal audit department on staff, we can show you how to maximize their effectiveness with streamlined integration into your operations using the OptiModel control testing and risk management apps. If you are looking to hire or currently engage third-party internal auditors, we can provide guidance on how to configure the service so you have complete control over the process, prevent lock-in to proprietary vendor methodologies, and eliminate switching costs. We can also help you identify the right provider and assist in contract negotiations to eliminate unwarranted costs typically included from providers with outdated methodologies. Contact us now and start saving.
is integration important?
You bet it is! As businesses move, by necessity, to real time response systems, it is imperative all departments are engaged real time, including internal audit. Let us show you how to get it done!
locked into a costly process?
The tools you use shouldn't prevent you from turning on a dime to take advantage of new, cost-effective approaches in the market. Let us put you back in the driver's seat.
What's right for my company size?
Compliance challenges vary significantly by company, based on a number of factors including industry, IT infrastructure, locations, human resource capabilities, ability to segregate tasks, company culture, publicly traded versus privately held, and complexity of business processes.

There is no one right answer for all companies, but one key principle that does apply is to right-size your compliance to only what is needed while being able to expand or compress your compliance tasks effortlessly when things change. Doing too much leads to a compounding model of unwarranted costs, and doing too little could lead to exposure and costly remediation. We can provide you with the tools and guidance you need to right-size your compliance program to the unique aspects of your business.
seamless integration with providers?
What's your expecation from service providers? Are you getting the information you need, when you need it, at the right cost? Contact us now and let us elevate your expectations.
old way, old results?
Tired of being on the clock? Is the status quo still cost-effective? Looking for a better way to integrate new information into your compliance program? Let us show you the way!